Baby Steps, Big Impact



"More than once, I remember saying, 'I'm just a mom....I can't do this.' But what I found out...is that 'just a mom' was what they needed all along." -- Mary Stillson Jones 


Two production companies, Call In Sick Productions and Optrae, have come together to create a documentary about Mary Stillson Jones, author of the book Will You Take This Baby? In this short film, we get a glimpse of how she came to be a foster mother who advocates for the right of foster children to know the HIV status of their biological mother, so that treatment can be initiated early enough to prevent HIV transmission. The documentary film "Baby Steps, Big Impact" is in pre-production, and will be released in 2016.



Title: "Baby Steps, Big Impact"
Genre: documentary
Release date: 2016

Director - Natalie Hanson
Cinematographer - Dave Patterson
Editor - Varun Murthy
Producer - Aiona Byuwek
Music - Xolie Morra



April 26, 2016

by Aiona Byuwek
Bremerton, WA



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